I am a Chief Excellence Officer in Silicon Europe and I am passionately pleased to meet your excellent synergy. For a river cycling, night run or swim-running meet me on Strava or drop me a line. Be a unique nerdette and feel the netguru power of synergetic singularity.

Neo Nano + 49 170 8400 670 Dresden and Berlin, Germany, c e o @ p at e n t o f f i c e . e u

My prime task as a Chief Excellence Officer in Silicon Saxony, Silicon Europe and Dresden Concept is to see you like in an Intensive Care Unit. This is why Excellence.CEO is the same as Excellence.ICU.

Empire Excellence awards for lifetime achievements go to our scientists in Silicon Saxony and BioSaxony. The BreakThrough Prize in New York City was won by Israel-born British Anthony Hyman, living in Dresden since 1998, and Stockholm's Medicine Nobel Prize goes to the Swedish researcher Svante Pääbo, living in Leipzig since 1997. Excellence is a habit of Saxony. The first pics of my Berlin Dresden gallery as seen in autumn 2022 are ready to get scrolled through.

Think big and precisely because excellence will only flourish over the top of perfection: The world's leading multidisciplinary science journal, NATURE, frequently calls my Netguru Networks among the most advanced networks of the world. Strive to escalate the synergetic excellence and impossible becomes an eliminated opinion. Many people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected but they can learn it like a sport, the other team's quarterback must go down.

Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. In nano electronics size does matter. Everybody knows the big seven Global Players of Excellence , the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University, Max Planck Society, the French National Center of Scientific Research, Stanford University, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Others are faster and unseen. To Just win Baby in Silicon Europe we need both the big and the hidden champions in excellent synergy. Dresden Concept is a prime European example of smart synergy with atomic habits making the difference a day in bioengineering, communication technology, smart materials and psychology. Not too big, not too small is how Silicon Saxony became the largest concentration of nano electronics in Europe. Just win Baby with Excellence Quarterly. Sustainable excellence never goes out of style. Scientists for Future dream about applied excellence, simply delivered by Excellence.CEO.

Innovate your sustainable obsession about synergetic excellence, not merely about non-dynamic perfection.

Excellence Quarterly - Supreme Excellence never goes out of style

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